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Why We Are Revolutionary

20 years ago, if you wanted to try a different spin on lasagna, you had to scour through cookbook after cookbook.

10 years ago, you could jump on the Internet, and with a few keystrokes, you had access to hundreds, even thousands of recipes.

Today there's FoodNetwork.com where you can…

  • Find Recipes
  • Learn the History of Lasagna
  • Enter an Interactive Community of Fellow Cooks
  • Find the Best Lasagna in any City Around the World
  • Watch Instructional Videos
  • Communicate Directly with Celebrity Chefs
  • ...and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

This is the kind of multi-media interactivity that The Workforce Channel brings to the employment world.

Where Monster and CareerBuilder took classified ads from print to digital, The Workforce Channel takes the next step, opening up new avenues for employers and prospects to tap into every aspect of the employment process.

Employers finally have a venue to make the case for their company and provide rich content to hungry prospects.

Job seekers can get the tools they need to find and expand their careers

All provided the most impactful combination of top notch videos supported with interactive tools.

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